Colorpuncture Therapy

Color + Acupuncture = Colorpuncture

Color is simply light of varying wavelengths / frequencies and as such is a form of energy and it is in this context that it is used in Colorpuncture Therapy.

This is a complementary therapy dating back to the Early Egyptian times thousands of years ago where they used color for healing. Color is simply wavelengths as each color has its own particular wavelength. Colorpuncture therapy aims to balance and enhance the body’s energy centres /chakras by using the seven colors of the light spectrum, the soul spirit colors, the three grey colors as well as the extremes that is the Infra Red and Ultraviolet light.

Colorpuncture was developed by Peter Mandel, a German naturopath who has spent more than half his life researching, developing and improving on the various protocols for the large array of illnesses.  He came up with strategies in dealing with diseases which originate from endocrine, toxic or degenerative diseases and from there developed protocols to be used for healing.

Colorpuncture treatment involves the use of various colored lights onto acupuncture points on the body. Unlike acupuncture which will require the use of needles to be pierced into the skin on acupuncture points. Colorpuncture is non-invasive and pain free as the colored light torches are positioned onto acupuncture points on the skin surface only.  As the skin is photosensitive, the color gets absorbed into the skin and it then penetrates deeply into the cells of the body. It combines the principles of acupuncture with the healing power of color.

What is fascinating are the protocols to treat the psychological aspects of ill health. Disharmonies in the person occur because of the many emotional and physical traumas, which a child undergoes from conception onwards and in various stages of his development. Even the manner in which the child was brought into this world, have great impact and is a factor in ill health at a later stage in life.

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